Is there such thing as a coincidence?

At the age of 25 I got a double bed. Sitting on it and writing, in the absence of space for a desk, I feel adult.

While it may sound simple, the lead up to this moment was not. Packing is not what it used to be – that is organising selected possessions to fit inside a suitcase to be taken on exciting world trips.

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The Life of a Temporary Londoner

Why move to London?

To start a new and exciting lifestyle ✔

To live in one of the most popular and largest cities in the world ✔

To meet more alike and different people ✔

To gain new perspectives and experiences ✔

To personally challenge yourself ✔ for self-development

To secure that dream job ✔

Or perhaps just to be a two hour train ride from Paris and only a short flight away from exploring all of Europe.

Personally for me, moving to London was a mixture of all of the above, plus so much more than I ever could have ever imagined.


Art makes the world go round

Málaga based artist, Valerio Arduino Gentile, has contemplated the power of money for much of his life.

The Naples-born eccentric even confesses from his Zen-like perspective that ultimately it is often money, which enables people to impact the world.

“So, I thought to myself, why can I not make my own currency? A currency that cannot be spent on weapons or on drugs or prostitutes, but only on art and nature.” Says Gentile.

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From Backpacker To Traveller | Q&A with Drew Prineas

– Excerpt “From Backpacker To Traveller”.

Drew Prineas new book “From Backpacker To Traveller” is a travel memoir that rediscovers the more memorable moments of Drew’s life on the road. It covers five years of his travels through Europe, India and South America.

Drew has visited 120 countries and along the way has learnt a lot about the world, and about himself. Drew caught up with whatisthehaps so we could learn more about his story.


Koda Sail | Living The Dream

Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life… And that’s exactly what Chris from Koda Sail has lived by for the past five years. Taking young people on tours around Croatia, sharing his travel experiences and helping travelers have the time of their lives is a pretty sweet gig.

At the age of 30 Chris decided to go out on a limb and move to Europe. He traveled pretty much everywhere until landing himself a job in the tourism industry as a tour guide in Europe. With loads of experience and a mountain of passion, he has continued living his dream and started his own travel company. Chris is passionate about Europe and is an inspiration for anyone who has thought about packing up their bags, hitting the road and never looking back.


Confessions of a First Worlder in Indonesia

Photo by Trey Ratcliff


This now everyday and overused saying never had so much significance until I went to Yogyakarta, Indonesia on a summer program called DREaM (an abbreviation of Disaster Research, Community Empowerment, and Microeconomics). The topic was ‘alternative education’ and alongside other students from over 30 different countries (all from Asia except for the Australian and Dutch students) we went to the local university Universitas Gadja Madah, the oldest and largest state university in Indonesia, where we sat in on lectures about different ways of learning and devised our own projects before visiting alternative education schools. We also went on cultural excursions to Borobudur and Prambanan temples (pic featured above) and to end the internship stayed with a local family in their rural village for four days.


A Year’s Worth of Travel Advice | Part 3: UK

So, given my teaching experience had deteriorated in Beijing, and my time in China needed to end – and end quickly, I was on a plane to Manchester on the 10th June, 2014…

Flights – I flew Qatar Airways from Beijing International Airport (PEK) to Manchester via Doha (19 hrs travel time). The leg cost my (now) fiancé Matt $800 to get me out of China as quickly as possible. And I can say I would DEFINITELY fly with them again. The plane itself was comfortable, service impeccable and food enjoyable. The flight was on time leaving (always a plus), and easy moving through the queues at Doha to transfer. I was fortunate enough to have been given a Priority Pass membership from my previous employer as a farewell gift, allowing me access to airport lounges all over the world. Waiting in PEK for my midnight flight out could not have been more relaxing. If you are a frequent traveler, I would suggest looking into a membership for the reduced stress, along with the food, snacks and free drinks! I also tend to use the ‘Skyscanner’ App for initial flight research – they don’t charge any booking fees and give you a good starting point to compare direct with the airline. The App is quick, easy to book through and reliable. I’ve never had any issues booking with Skyscanner, and was able to cancel my unused PEK-LHR leg (which was meant to be used in August, 2014) quickly and easily with their online customer service team.