Doin’ It For The Love of Music

The Australian music industry is in a constant state of flux. Venues, bands, curfew laws – they come and they go, so what can we really hold on to? The countless hours of practice, the makeshift studios, the purchased gig tickets on minimum wages. These are all old truths that musicians and fans are eternally dedicated to the cause. Music will always be a labour of love.

But let’s spare a moment for the invisible guy, the one behind the releases who connects the dots between emerging artists and their die-hard fans. This is how independent labels are formed that are the driving force between a large majority of Australian bands today.


Lonely Kids Club | Q&A

Lonely Kids Club was formed in 2010 by a boy called Warwick. At this time he was failing his construction degree and had an unhealthy addiction with T-shirts. Eventually the decision was made to drop out of construction, and instead fly over to Europe for a while, returning with a solidified idea to launch a clothing label and pursue a dream. Driven by this passion, Lonely Kids Club was launched officially in the early months of 2011, as an independent label that believed in the principle that clothing should be personal.”

At whatisthehaps we love a good story, and Lonely Kids Club has a great story. Warwick is the man behind the story and he began Lonely Kids Club five years ago. Since then it has grown into an independent clothing label that has its roots grounded in supporting locals. Supporting local production of clothing, local artists in the designs of each range plus local live music through parties and community radio support, Lonely Kids Club really thrives on community spirit. In turn it’s kept alive from the massive support it receives back. Plus as an added touch of personalisation every item is sent with a drawing and note and every email is still personally addressed by the label’s founder Warwick.

Life Music

Q&A with Fieldings

At whatisthehaps we are always on the hunt for new music and as the weather gets chillier and staying at home gets more appealing, we have found you the perfect accompaniment to a day in bed pondering life’s mysteries.

A Pleasant Stutter is the latest creation from Fieldings, a Sydney producer/singer who explores the hypnotic and sublime capabilities of music that speak through repetitive sounds beneath a shifting melody – a concept that in many ways mimics the mundane yet dynamic nature of our lives as relationship-driven human beings.

Intrigued by this, we wanted to know more and so we got to know the woman behind these sounds created in her home studio in Dulwich Hill…

Full name: My name is Lucinda Jane Hearn. Pretty standard on all fronts. A good friend of mine got to choose his own middle name and he chose  ‘Kangaroo Jock Boomboom’. That’s a much better story, right?

Hometown: Born in Brisbane.

Current location: Right now I am in my little home studio in Dulwich Hill.

What is the story behind the name ‘Fieldings’?
The real true story is that a while ago a pretty lousy boss I had thought my surname was Hearnfield, which is just dumb and nothing much more than dumb, but I liked the sound of it, so I changed my name on Facebook. Two years later, I’m naming this musical thing I am doing and wanting it to sound surname-ish and Hearnfield is (like I said) just dumb so I settled on Fieldings. Then it turned out to have all these other neat little connections. For instance, Henry Fielding was the founder of London’s first police force, called the Bow Street Runners, for which I named other spy club I formed at age 10.

We read that you are concerned with small movements and patterns, the moments where the mundane becomes sublime. Tell us more.

In the most literal sense I’m just talking about the way I write music. I’ve been interested in repetition for a while – particular simple repeated musical phrases sitting underneath shifting, more nuanced melody. It can be hypnotic. A sound seems like one thing, then becomes another. An analog to this is, I guess, how it feels to slip in and out of the anaesthetic monotony of, say, 9 – 5 work and suddenly remember how very very excruciatingly big life is. I like this idea. Small things become large. Large things become small.

What is your inspiration behind ‘A Pleasant Stutter’? What do you think happens when boyfriends and girlfriends are alone? 
Sex. Sex sex sex. But more specifically, the jealously that comes with new intimacy. The affairs I’ve watched friends have – the intoxication of that, for them and for me. And what do girlfriends and boyfriends do when they’re alone? I truly don’t know. Make pasta? Hate watch Scandal together? Think about fucking other people but then fuck each other? There’s a wide range of available activities.
Fieldings sounds like:  Pastoral synth accidents.
My motto is: “Don’t tread on me.” 
My biggest influences:  My morning commute, weird shit I see on Tumblr, the Brooklyn-based band Zula,  Frank O’Hara (the poem ‘Having A Coke With You’ devastates me), YouTube worm holes.
Best moment in my musical career to date:  Opening for Mark Kozelek then watching him hit on every woman.
Music is: I googled ‘music is + glamour shot’ and this is what I got ..
fieldings image1
What is the haps for Fieldings right now? 
Finishing my debut album … curating a weird pop/electro showcase called Strange Cuts … other fun shows I’m not allowed to talk about yet … getting ready to spend some time in New York for a little while. A large year awaits, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Salvation Sounds – New Festival Set To Hit Sydney

Whatisthehaps loves a good festival. You know what we’re talking ’bout – music, sun and good vibes galore. Most usually mean you need a fews days off work to recover (or a whole week if you party like we do) and by the end of it you’re pretty worse for wear. Salvation Sounds is a bit different. You won’t find drunk shirtless guys or girls in short-shorts who have been tanning for a week to get ready for a mess fess. What you will find is great music for a great cause.

Festivals Music

Aussie musician Lisa Mitchell says it’s OK to not be OK

The age of 24 is a time in life when most are graduating from university or finding ‘real jobs’. Instead though, Lisa Mitchell finds herself in a unique situation with a third album release already on the cards, something many of us could only dream. However the birth of her new single ‘Wah Ha’ is a confronting paradox as Mitchell catches herself striving for the basic things that we all too often take for granted.


“I needed to get back to the simple joys of living, this song felt like a gift to help me realise this.”

The song was quickly scrawled on the back of a receipt during a summer break with family. Now known as ‘Wah Ha’ it is the expression of a 24 year-old who was both rebelling against the pressure to always feel ‘OK’ and her intense desire to reach out to others.

“Do you ever get tired of having to be OK all the time? I sure do. Here’s to them feels,” Mitchell said.

With the emergence of co-producer, Tim Harvey, there seems to be a new found thirst for life, evident in her writing and singing. Around the world and back again, a sophomore album, more touring, a stint working on a biodynamic farm, a soul seeking journey in France… And now, ‘Wah Ha.’ Here we are with an offering from a young woman who is still just trying to connect.

“When I play Wah Ha to people, I notice a certain kind of lightness fills the room. The lyric takes some weight off my shoulders. Even with the new album on the table I just couldn’t wait any longer to make contact again… Releasing ‘Wah Ha’ makes me feel a bit like ET reaching his finger out into the abyss, hoping to find another…”

While being a successful musician and still only so young, this song about not being OK especially speaks to us. Add to that that its release is right in the middle of Mental Health Week and we are all reminded that there is no shame in reaching out- human connection is what life is all about after all.

Lisa Mitchell Facebook

Lisa Mitchell Twitter

Lisa Mitchell Soundcloud

If you or someone you know need support, you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 44 or headspace if you are 12-25.


Q&A with Pepa Knight

Pepa Knight has emerged on the other side  of his success as Jinja Safari’s co-frontman to fly solo for a while. The band’s version of world music had been a force to be reckoned but for Pepa it only touched upon the global influences he wished to explore. Drawing on a mix of international experiences, a fusion of unique sounds carry his energetic and soul-lifting song Rahh!, which set the precedent for the uplifting yet self-reflective release Clams that has an undeniable hook: what are you living for?  As delectable tasters in the lead-up to the full album Hypnotized being released late September, the project is all a culmination of recordings in his own personal studio that comes in the form of a tipi that he built in his backyard. A dreamy record full of good vibes for summer days is definitely upon us and if that doesn’t convince you just read below of how Pepa likens his sound to superheroes and some religious figures for good measure.

Full Name: Cameron ‘Pepa’ Knight

Hometown: Long Jetty, Australia

Current location: My little tipi home

Pepa Knight sounds like: 

Superman and Batman, weeping together, into a large bucket, pumped with electrodes from the future, running around in space with Gandhi and Jesus, looped back through an ATR-102 tape machine, mixed in with the sound of a confused koala, stewing on his own reverb.

So you were the former co-frontman of Jinja Safari and now you are doing your own thing…how did this solo project come together? 

JS are on holidays for now. We have been touring constantly for the last 4 or 5 years so it was time to chill out a bit. Since before Jinja Safari I was dabbling in the solo world and I have had particular sounds and vibes that I wanted to explore musically that I couldn’t so much in a collaboration. Also I haven’t been singing so much in the later JS songs so it has been nice to give those vocal chords a go.

We love the world sound of ‘Clams’ and the uplifting catchy rhythm of ‘Rahh!’ It makes us just want to dance in a field while it rains. What inspires you?

Haha nice. Well these songs were largely inspired by my trips to India over the last few years. Travelling has been a good writing process for me. I think maybe because I am excited, seeing new things, being in a different culture etc I end up writing songs that sound fresh to me. I get bored really easy when it comes to production so it’s important for me to be inspired when writing a song.

My motto is: I alternate each week from ‘eat fresh’ to ‘I’m lovin it’.

My biggest influences: Superman, Gandhi, Peter Gabriel.

Best moment in my musical career to date: We did a few fun overseas tours with Jinja Safari where we got to play Bestival with Stevie Wonder in the UK as well as some fun shows in the India, US & Canada. That was nice.

Music is: rad.

If you could make a seemingly ‘impossible’ life goal and then achieve it, what would it be?

Superpowers. And maybe a pet lamb in the yard to help mow the lawn.

What is the haps for Pepa Knight right now?

I broke a few Sitar strings yesterday and was a bit bummed because they are really hard to get on short notice in Australia but I just found some and I’m heaps stoked now! Besides that, just getting everything ready for the shows coming up this week, releasing a live video from a secret tipi jam I did and getting the rest of the songs mixed from the new album called ‘Hypnotized’.

Pepa Knight Soundcloud

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