Is there such thing as a coincidence?

At the age of 25 I got a double bed. Sitting on it and writing, in the absence of space for a desk, I feel adult.

While it may sound simple, the lead up to this moment was not. Packing is not what it used to be – that is organising selected possessions to fit inside a suitcase to be taken on exciting world trips.

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Festival Fashion | Periwinkle Feathers & Hair Crafts

“Periwinkle believe that like life, hair should be fun, flirty, carefree and colourful.”

Festivals and fashion go hand in hand but Periwinkle Feathers and Hair Crafts is more than just fashion, it’s a way of life. A huge trend in the U.S, this Aussie hair accessory concept store is one of few in existence in Australia. Inspired by a combination of travel, the need for self-expression and people who break the mould in fashion, Perwinkle Hair has grown steadily since its conception with this year already seeing its most growth yet as coloured hair and unique accessories make their way into the mainstream and free spirits continue to reign at music festivals and inner city markets. Still recovering from their biggest event to date, the Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival for the Winter solstice, we got to meet the young weekend entrepreneur (weekday uni student) behind the Periwinkle name who is following her passion to make people smile everywhere from Australia and beyond. You can catch her at the regular market stalls at Bondi and Glebe, as well as big name festivals such as Splendour in the Grass just on the horizon…

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An Abundance of Choice

“Every day is a second chance.”

I recently stumbled across these words which instantly struck me. Like so many others, this motivational phrase had been used to jazz up a mundane, monotonous task in the hopes that people would listen and be inspired to do something differently. Over the coming days, these four simple words sparked my own reflection on life’s seemingly ‘little’ decisions and the journey we are each choosing to create for ourselves.


Lonely Kids Club | Q&A

Lonely Kids Club was formed in 2010 by a boy called Warwick. At this time he was failing his construction degree and had an unhealthy addiction with T-shirts. Eventually the decision was made to drop out of construction, and instead fly over to Europe for a while, returning with a solidified idea to launch a clothing label and pursue a dream. Driven by this passion, Lonely Kids Club was launched officially in the early months of 2011, as an independent label that believed in the principle that clothing should be personal.”

At whatisthehaps we love a good story, and Lonely Kids Club has a great story. Warwick is the man behind the story and he began Lonely Kids Club five years ago. Since then it has grown into an independent clothing label that has its roots grounded in supporting locals. Supporting local production of clothing, local artists in the designs of each range plus local live music through parties and community radio support, Lonely Kids Club really thrives on community spirit. In turn it’s kept alive from the massive support it receives back. Plus as an added touch of personalisation every item is sent with a drawing and note and every email is still personally addressed by the label’s founder Warwick.

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Legacy Clothing

Legacy Clothing Co are one of the newest clothing brands to hit the market in 2015. It all started with three dudes in their twenties with an idea. This idea came from their love of extreme sports, lifestyle and adventure. Already they have a massive following on social media and people are loving their unique designed threads. We caught up with them to find out a little more about the Legacy story.


Paying It Forward

Paying it forward is about people. About people giving to make a positive difference in another person’s life. The concept is old, but lately it’s making a comeback worldwide, and thanks to the power of the internet it’s bringing big communities and cities together like never before. We all know that random acts of kindness can lead to multitudes of good karma, plus with the added benefits of bringing people closer together, helping the environment and making someone else’s day, what’s not to like!?

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