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It’s not every day that you can start a name for yourself by following your passion and doing what you love. Most people aren’t even game enough to try.  Then there are others who can’t stand to do anything but. They forgo a “normal” job to work odd hours in retail or hospitality, sometimes both, so that they can spend the most inspiring hours of their day creating and living. Living to create, with a desire to create for a living.

This is an interview with a girl who is doing just that. Not long ago she posted a heartfelt Facebook post outlining the reality of getting social media fame for her work, that detracted from what it really is; work. A lot of it. Most of the time without much payback, besides the online gratification you get when someone spares a moment to write a comment, as well as a like, to show their appreciation of a post that is the culmination of many hours offline.

This is what it is like for most creatives. So what keeps them going? We spoke to Bianca Beers, a name that is being forged despite the hardships as her drawings grab the attention of famous actors and musicians across the globe, who at the end day were just another artist with a pipe dream.

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Full Name: Bianca Esber

Hometown: Blacktown, Aus

Current location: Sydney, Aus

Tell us more about your alias ‘Bianca Beers’: I’ve always wanted a name that alliterates, and ‘beers’ just happens to be an anagram of ‘esber’ haha. I don’t actually like beer.

How did your solo “business” come together? Slowly but surely, haha. I knew I never wanted to work in a typical office, so I had to do something. Art was something I always enjoyed as a kid, so only a year ago I got an ABN and started from there, mainly picking up commission jobs through my art posts social media.

What inspires you? Colours, textures, music, positive people… Anything fun or creative can spark me in one way or another!

My motto is: Be yourself (or “bee yourself” as its spelt on my ankles haha)

My biggest influences: That’s such a wide question… In terms of art, I’m not really influenced directly by anyone, but rather inspired. My one big influence, if we’re talking about people, would be Carl Sagan. He has opened my eyes to the importance of a lot of things, and made me want to use my art as a platform for making real and meaningful changes in the world. His philosophy of appreciating every one and everything has rubbed off on me, and I guess it helps me to bring out the character in things when I draw.

Best moment in my career to date: A lot of my work is posted on Instagram (@biancabeers), so that is where most of my work and opportunities come from. A major proud-moment was earlier this year, when Natalie Emmanuel (my Hollywood crush, who plays Missandei in Game of Thrones) starting following my account… I was so excited that I started shaking! If she ever comes to Aus, she has a couch to sleep on hahaha.

Art is: Whatever you want it to be, however you feel.

If you could make an ‘impossible’ life goal and then achieve it, what would it be? Such a pipe dream haha, but world peace. Or at least major reductions in government costs on warfare (worldwide). Think of what we could do with all that money! Clean energy, food and water for everyone, more money for the arts and sciences…

What is the haps for Bianca Beers right now? I just finished building my website (  and online shop (, so from here on in I’m just continuing with commissions and collaborations, building my network and hoping to start up a few platforms and campaigns in the next few months to start making a bit of a difference. I’m all for equality and environmentalism so something along those lines….

What should people pay more attention to? Equality for all, being kind to one another, and realising the beauty in everything.

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Festival Fashion | Periwinkle Feathers & Hair Crafts

“Periwinkle believe that like life, hair should be fun, flirty, carefree and colourful.”

Festivals and fashion go hand in hand but Periwinkle Feathers and Hair Crafts is more than just fashion, it’s a way of life. A huge trend in the U.S, this Aussie hair accessory concept store is one of few in existence in Australia. Inspired by a combination of travel, the need for self-expression and people who break the mould in fashion, Perwinkle Hair has grown steadily since its conception with this year already seeing its most growth yet as coloured hair and unique accessories make their way into the mainstream and free spirits continue to reign at music festivals and inner city markets. Still recovering from their biggest event to date, the Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival for the Winter solstice, we got to meet the young weekend entrepreneur (weekday uni student) behind the Periwinkle name who is following her passion to make people smile everywhere from Australia and beyond. You can catch her at the regular market stalls at Bondi and Glebe, as well as big name festivals such as Splendour in the Grass just on the horizon…

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Art makes the world go round

Málaga based artist, Valerio Arduino Gentile, has contemplated the power of money for much of his life.

The Naples-born eccentric even confesses from his Zen-like perspective that ultimately it is often money, which enables people to impact the world.

“So, I thought to myself, why can I not make my own currency? A currency that cannot be spent on weapons or on drugs or prostitutes, but only on art and nature.” Says Gentile.

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Q&A with Jesse Willesee | Marijuana Is Not A Crime

Photo by Laim Cameron.

Smokin’ a spliff… It’s a pastime many people have been known to dabble in from time-to-time. A victimless “crime” some might say and lately the debate over the use of medicinal marijuana has taking the limelight.

On 420 day (April 20, aka National Weed Day) at 4:20pm Jesse Willesee was the dude who smoked weed at Sydney’s Town Hall. He got arrested for self administering a prohibited drug and he’ll be heading to court soon to face his charges. He’s being represented pro-bono by lawyers for the Drug Law Reform Party on the charges. We caught up with Jesse to find out his side of the story and get the lowdown on what it was all about.

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Judge Me Now

During my life I have had my share of prejudice from others. I mostly take the time and the effort to change other people’s minds, at least about me. Also, I will admit that I too have thoughts sometimes that I shouldn’t, but I am proud to say that I am not blinded by first impressions. Nonetheless, I am tired.

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What I learnt at Las Fallas festival, Valencia (15-19 March)

“It is crazier than Vegas.”

Those are the words my American partner in crime used to describe one of the most well-known parties in the world that is Las Vegas Fallas and I believe her.

las fallas burning

The Spanish don’t need much of an excuse to party. Working in Spain, a colleague of mine asked what us foreigners think about the ‘Espanish’... I replied that they like fiestas and siestas coupled with tapas and good weather. She simply agreed. So when I realised the complete stereotype was coming up- a five-day long party near the beach in the city of Valencia, I just had to go. Basically Las Fallas is when crowds of mostly drunk people take photos in front of wooden statues that take a whole year (and money) to make that are then burned upon the festival’s conclusion…or is it?I found out it is much more than that.

Here’s the low-down:

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La vida española

Currently residing in Spain, the daily scenes around me are a mix of overused stereotypes and largely overlooked realities.  It’s nothing short of ironic to be awed by the breathtaking buildings, some centuries old, as you make your way to the next tapas bar, all the while walking by the ever-growing homeless population that share those same streets. In growing debt under a Government that leads the only country in Europe to allow over one million to live without an access to information law to aid against corruption, Spain at once continues to pull in tourists while alienating its own population. So how does  one sum up a country that is so rich in culture, beauty and tradition yet exactly the opposite when it comes to the economy? The answer to my problema was found in a medium that transcends language barriers – photography.

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