At its core whatisthehaps is about questioning the simple and sometimes mundane aspects of life that we all tend to take for granted. This involves inquiring into the “known” – our daily habits, actions and interests that have become second nature. By not taking everything for face value we attempt to see the human condition in a different light.

We delve into the topics of travel, music, film, art, culture, food, health and the meaning of existence. We are life enthusiasts from Sydney and this website presents our (some would even say hilarious) ideas about the world.

The Team (in no particular order).



Tara Clifford (Co-founder/Editor)

Tara is a freelance journalist and seasoned traveller who has spent almost 2 years living in Spain. With an academic background in journalism she has had vast experience working in various publications across print and online. Tara is the foreign correspondent of whatisthehaps and a speaker of Español who longs to jet set to volunteer saving turtles in South America.




Melvo (Co-founder/Editor)

Melvo has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world as a researcher and communications expert. She has expertise as a European tour manager, spending a long stint on the road living out of a suitcase. She now works as a content marketing specialist, producing content for some of Australia’s most successful travel websites. If you run a small business contact Mel for any of your copy-writing needs.





Together, Melvo and Tara have enough stories they could write a book. But until then this will have to do. Join us as we take on the world and what it really means to live it!




  1. This is literally the best thing on the Internet!!! Next to redtube… And facebook. And those little kitten meme’s- they are so awesome! But seriously, well done!!!!

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