“Periwinkle believe that like life, hair should be fun, flirty, carefree and colourful.”

Festivals and fashion go hand in hand but Periwinkle Feathers and Hair Crafts is more than just fashion, it’s a way of life. A huge trend in the U.S, this Aussie hair accessory concept store is one of few in existence in Australia. Inspired by a combination of travel, the need for self-expression and people who break the mould in fashion, Perwinkle Hair has grown steadily since its conception with this year already seeing its most growth yet as coloured hair and unique accessories make their way into the mainstream and free spirits continue to reign at music festivals and inner city markets. Still recovering from their biggest event to date, the Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival for the Winter solstice, we got to meet the young weekend entrepreneur (weekday uni student) behind the Periwinkle name who is following her passion to make people smile everywhere from Australia and beyond. You can catch her at the regular market stalls at Bondi and Glebe, as well as big name festivals such as Splendour in the Grass just on the horizon…

monica in headdress

Monica, Found of Periwinkle FHC

Who is behind Periwinkle Hair?

Hey I’m Monica, Founder of Periwinkle Hair first and uni student second… I believe fashion is a great way to show your true colours, whatever they may be.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Sydney and currently live in the Inner West but I was born in Denmark… I also have an exotic Persian background thanks to my mum’s side.

How did it all start?

Periwinkle Hair has been my hobby, business and passion for over three years now (it’s crazy to think that so much time has passed so quickly). A huge and successful fad in the USA, my friends returned home from a 6 month trip with some really curious objects in their hair. Having never been seen before in Australia, my immediate thoughts were:

  1. ’Damn, they look great…’
  2. ’How did they last so well?’ and
  3. ’I have to get my hands on these!’

Starting in early 2012 with Facebook events, private visits, and then local market stalls, I was soon attending council fairs and music festivals. We experienced such great growth and support from all walks of life that we decided to open our online Etsy store last year.


Feathers come in all colours of the rainbow

And, so what’s a Periwinkle…?

‘Periwinkle’ is many different things. Google will tell you that first and foremost it’s a colour of beautiful purple and blue hues. Named after this colour, it is also an understated flower (Vinca Periwinkle) that has medicinal, cancer fighting properties and the sturdiness to grow in all environments, all over the world. I have spotted it in almost every single country I’ve travelled to and I also have a tattoo of it on my back.

Periwinkle flower

A Periwinkle is a flower (Vinca Periwinkle)

It is also the name of a miniature snail found on Sydney shores where I spent my most favourite childhood days exploring nature. More recently I have been told by a few of my youngest customers that Periwinkle is also the name of Tinkerbell’s younger sister!

‘Periwinkle’ describes our products very well. A love of expressing through embracing colour and fashion; a strong, long-lasting product with no boundaries; an exploration of nature and how this influences our choice of lifestyle and fashion; and that Periwinkle products cater for all members of society – young and old, male and female, dogs and humans.

hair feathers lots

Current record is 40 feathers in one sitting!

What’s the most feathers you have ever worn or put in someone’s hair?

Last year I had a customer meet with me for a private order and ask for 2 of my 20 feather deals – that’s 40 feathers in one sitting! Her favourite feathers were the natural range, with some fluffier accent feathers and a number of bright bursts of colour. My sister and I are in a constant battle to take the cake. We are in love with feathers. I dare you to come and beat us.

We know that you have been to many festivals and events, which is the best?

My absolute favourite festival to attend each year is the Katoomba Winter Magic Festival in the Blue Mountains that runs on the day of the Winter Solstice. Although I wear gloves and my hands are frozen whilst applying feathers to customers’ hair, there is an uplifting air of community spirit that overwhelms me.


Spot Monica at upcoming festivals or famous markets in Sydney such as Bondi and Glebe

What inspires you?

I always like to go with the flow and jump on opportunities as they arise however looking back at what has truly inspired me with my business ideas and who I am today is definitely my mother. Mum is a hairdresser and fashionista who is an iconic trendsetter amongst her friends and family. This has strongly influenced my love of fashion and expression of self. She allowed me to experiment with my hair throughout my youth and before I found feathers I was constantly dying my hair all different colours and wrapping it in wool and ribbons. To this day, my mum still pushes me to question the status quo and create my own sense of what is ‘normal’.

People should pay more attention to:

The colour, happiness and light of the everyday.

hair wrap customer


Splendour in the Grass – July 23rd to 27th

Spring into Corrimal – Sept 13th

Surry Hills Festival – Sept 26th

Manly Jazz Festival – Oct 3rd to 5th

Granny Smith Festival – Oct 17th

Marrickville Festival – Oct 18th

Mona Vale Market Day – Nov 1st

Newtown Festival – Nov 8th

Avalon Beach Market Day – Nov 21st

Glebe Street Fair – Nov 15th


Periwinkle Etsy Store

Periwinkle Feathers & Hair Crafts Facebook 


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