“Every day is a second chance.”

I recently stumbled across these words which instantly struck me. Like so many others, this motivational phrase had been used to jazz up a mundane, monotonous task in the hopes that people would listen and be inspired to do something differently. Over the coming days, these four simple words sparked my own reflection on life’s seemingly ‘little’ decisions and the journey we are each choosing to create for ourselves.

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It is not uncommon for people to spend much time planning trips months or even years in advance

There seems to be a widely held misconception that it’s the ‘BIG’ decisions that truly matter. The amount of pressure placed on choices related to topics such as study, career and travel can feel so overwhelming and at times, almost paralysing.  It is these decisions that we tend to research extensively, seek out wide consultation and spend hours in our mental library contemplating thousands of “what if??” scenarios.


Countless hours are spent researching “big decisions”

What seems to be missing is the realisation that it is in fact a series of seemingly little decisions which create our experience. These choices can either detract from or elevate our learning, nourish or hamper our health and destroy or honour our relationships.  Each and every day we are presented with endless opportunities to live the life we are striving for. It’s in the words we choose, the actions we take and the people and environment we surround ourselves with.

And it is not that these ‘BIG’ decisions are not important. It’s the recognition that ultimately, all of life’s big decisions are essentially a culmination of countless little ones.

It’s not about waiting for tomorrow to create positive change and align our behaviour with our values. There’s power in knowing that it’s not only every day which offers us a second chance, it is every moment. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

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By Nicole Clifford

Nicole is a social worker and eternal optimist with a special fondness for chocolate, mojitios and the belief that anything is possible.


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