Lonely Kids Club was formed in 2010 by a boy called Warwick. At this time he was failing his construction degree and had an unhealthy addiction with T-shirts. Eventually the decision was made to drop out of construction, and instead fly over to Europe for a while, returning with a solidified idea to launch a clothing label and pursue a dream. Driven by this passion, Lonely Kids Club was launched officially in the early months of 2011, as an independent label that believed in the principle that clothing should be personal.”

At whatisthehaps we love a good story, and Lonely Kids Club has a great story. Warwick is the man behind the story and he began Lonely Kids Club five years ago. Since then it has grown into an independent clothing label that has its roots grounded in supporting locals. Supporting local production of clothing, local artists in the designs of each range plus local live music through parties and community radio support, Lonely Kids Club really thrives on community spirit. In turn it’s kept alive from the massive support it receives back. Plus as an added touch of personalisation every item is sent with a drawing and note and every email is still personally addressed by the label’s founder Warwick.

People who are a part of Lonely Kids Club: 

For a long time it was just myself and a few people I worked with specifically when doing a new range such as a screen printer and a web developer, or different artists I collaborated with. A few years back I met someone to sew T-shirt pockets for me that I found on the internet and over time she’s become the most important person I work with. Now she hand makes all my shorts, button-up shirts, jackets, backpacks, and anything else you can think of. I’ve always kept the creative side of running the brand restricted to just myself however, so I can take it in the direction I feel is right without having to go into those discussions like “is this on trend” or “what’s the turn-over on that” which is also why I chose to pull out from stocking boutiques and kept things just to my own website..

Lonely Kids Club Lifestyle 3

Where are you from?

Straya. I grew up in Sydney up north and have stayed north but slowly edged more and more towards the city. I defs don’t look very white though. If I don’t shave I can’t go to Australia airport without being taken aside for a “random security check”.

How did Lonely Kids Club come about?

It came about because I was in this construction degree that I hated and I was getting more and more obsessed with the idea of running a clothing label instead and couldn’t let the dream slide just because everyone was telling me I couldn’t do it, or that it was a dumb idea etc. I remember doing this group assignment with a dude and he said to me “if you’re so keen on launching this clothing label why don’t you just do it?” and I thought fuck it and said ok and just got up and walked out and never looked back. I think I sort of screwed him over in that assignment in hindsight. The name of the brand came from a personal joke with my friend Jasmin.

Lonely Kids Club Lifestyle 2

Who are Cassie, Cecil and Winston?

Cassie is my sister and Cecil is my dad haha. Winston is actually my friend’s dad but I think he resembles myself. I drop dad jokes like it’s no one’s business. I’ve always saw Lonely Kids Club as a family, or a community of people supporting each other so it only made sense to expand the mascots out into being a family as well. I think my dad’s friends all make fun of him about being this weird looking yeti on a clothing site but if I had to choose between being an accountant or a yeti I’d take yeti every time.

What makes you different from other clothing labels? 

I legitimately run it because I love it and love the community that supports it. I don’t really have any other driving factors behind it. I’m the only clothing label in Australia that handmakes so many of its clothes individually in Australia without having a giant price-tag on it & I let customers message me anything they want and it all goes straight to me and I usually act on it. So people message asking for specific things so I make those things and dedicate it to them (So far I’ve mad Kat’s Duck and Corwen’s sloth as tees & dresses) and I also intentionally break away from following and trends and just make what I like so I don’t really fit into streetwear, internet design or the more traditional clothing labels around that I see. I’m just sort of in my own world. It’s like being in primary school isolated from the other kids all over again only this time I’m okay with it.

Also hey I also handwrite a note and make a drawing to send with every order. I’ve managed to do this for every order received on the site so far. I don’t think anyone else does that. My hand gets so rekt by the end.

Lonely Kids Club Lifestyle 1

Your motto:


Your inspiration:

#fitspiration #vegan #bondi #cleanliving #fuckoff

What should people pay more attention to?

Cracked footpaths. I’ve seen so many people stumble on it lately and no one does that gracefully.


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