Legacy Clothing Co are one of the newest clothing brands to hit the market in 2015. It all started with three dudes in their twenties with an idea. This idea came from their love of extreme sports, lifestyle and adventure. Already they have a massive following on social media and people are loving their unique designed threads. We caught up with them to find out a little more about the Legacy story.

People who made it happen: 

Chris Harris, Matthew Bedford and Reece Grogan.

Where are you all from?

Penrith and Kurrajong.


How was Legacy Clothing Co born?

Legacy was born with an idea. These boys are very adventurous, constantly outdoors and always exploring. Their hope is to have everyone outside, living their lives, doing something they love, playing sport, rock climbing or going to the beach. The clothing brand is a motivation, they have taken this approach to get others outside. A simple t-shirt isn’t going to physically get someone outside, but the experience that we are selling, we are encouraging individuals to go outside when we are associating and advertising our gear on active, adventurous people.


What makes you different from other clothing companies? 

I think we are different because we are targeting certain hobbies, talents and adventure. Other clothing lines tend to target fashion, trends, style, hot or not, etc. However we have made super comfortable clothing, a very simple style for either women or men to feel good in, and the basics T-shirts, hoodies, singlets, hats, etc….nothing to exotic, and this allows us to market to a very broad spectrum of people as everyone needs the essentials, and everyone wants comfortable clothing, especially when outdoors, so why not buy this brand over others! We don’t need leopard print, or sparkles, etc to make our clothes stand out, some times less is more.


What does legacy mean to you? 

What you will leave behind, so in turn, create experiences that you’ll always be remembered for. Start your legacy now, start a new adventure, a new goal. Do something that will end in leaving behind an amazing legacy.

Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today. Go outside, find a new place, ride away, do something spontaneous. Then ask yourself tomorrow what you did yesterday, and you’ll have zero regrets. Life is short, create something worth living for. Never live to work, work to live.

Your motto: “Live Now” (or live tomorrow today) – we have numerous mottos and they all have such a great impact. Short and sweet. So it is between these two.


Our inspiration: Our inspiration comes from the feeling you get after doing something you love, after spending a day outdoors, after going on a hike through the waterfalls and really appreciating the life you lead, the opportunities you have and the places in which you have the chance to see. That feeling of spontaneous activity, the adrenalin rush, and the instant passion found within yourself and memories made.


What should people pay more attention too? Life. Go outside.

For your chance to win some sweet threads from Legacy head to our Facebook page and like the Tee that you want! 


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